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Godfrey Rust


...was born in London in 1953 and has lived in Ealing in west London since 1984.


...is married to Tessa, a retired Church of England minister, formerly chaplain at Heathrow Airport and an advisor to the Diocese of London. They met and married at All Souls, Langham Place, London and since 1986 have been members and leaders at St John's Church in West Ealing. 
They have three adult children: Emma (a GP and married to Tom Nixon, with sons Leo and Caleb), Joel (a classical composer married to Laura Fontanills) and Adam (a musical director/multi-instrumentalist/producer/songwriter).



...has a BA in Philosophy and Literature from Warwick University, works as a consultant data architect and ontologist (director of Rightscom Ltd, www.rightscom.com - for professional profile see here) and in the past has been a music industry journalist, managed the pop charts and been an executive of the UK's music copyright societies.


...makes music. The album Prayers in Time was released in May 2018 (see a video here). Three earlier albums with Geoff Shattock as Shattock and Rust, as well as parodies and nonsense like Fly with the Eagles.


...writes things. The photos above were taken by Jake Bernard 39 years apart: at Warwick University Arts Centre in 1973, and reading Come on in, the sofa's lovely to university friends in 2012 in London.


...runs, marathons in a previous life and now as a member of Ealing Eagles, the best social running club on the planet.

Brother of the groom (1972) and father of the bride (2009, above and below).