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For me life is a struggle.
Just getting up each day can be difficult,
asking for God’s help as I move.
Keeping up with what’s happening.
Making sense of the world around me.
Sometimes spending time with friends, sometimes alone.
Talking to my mother who is 90 and full of frailty.
Talking to my best friend who struggles with self esteem.
Struggling with officialdom who wants to talk down to me
and make decisions about me without me.
Struggling with people who would like to put me down,
smiling as they speak and say their nonsense
Struggling with change and physical limitations,
Two steps forward, one step back.
Remembering that Jesus also struggled.
No time to complain… enough said.
Others have it twice as hard, as Trevor says…Press on!
Don’t hang about, things to be done.
Nothing achieved without perspiration,
without struggle.
Praise be to God.