Café Church poets

Poems by Charles Jobson

Charles Jobson was born in London 1956 and educated at Westminster City School. He has a BA in Creative Writing from Roehampton University, is a historian and book collector, a Lay Reader at St John's Church, West Ealing and a Guide at Osterley Park House.  

The waiting game

Joe's garden

Days that are past

Midnight skies

Wet morning in May

A Walking Guide to the West End

     (sixteen prose poems)

The long trek

The War poets' warning


Poems for paint by Sam Toussaint
     Abstract 2 & 3

     The door


     The All-Seeing Eye 

Salt of the earth

Through a weather vane

Sharing the problem

Poems for BEAT 2017

     the shape of tomorrow

     City of the lonely heart

     Climbing the mountain

     Peak of dreams

Poems for BEAT 2018


     Summer window



     L'isle sur la Sorgue

Poems for BEAT 2019

     Light up the night

     Magic of the Orient

     Tree line


Mary's journey

Poems in covid lockdown 2020

     Recollections of the Southern Hemisphere

     A closely guarded secret

     Thoughts from a street cafe

     In the urban tundra

     Shades of evening

     River beat

     The winter cabin