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I believe
in Super Mario.

He changed my life that day
when I asked him to bounce into the heart
of my tv game console,
and things have never been the same.

Mario is my shepherd.
I shall not want
to go to bed.

He makes to stay up till four in the morning
trying to get to Level Three.

He leads me in the paths of sleeplessness
for his game’s sake.

Mario dies for my mistakes!
Mario dies for me
but always rises again.
Resurrections are no big deal.
Mario’s done them zillions of times.

Some people don’t believe in Mario.
Some say he’s just a crutch.
Some say he’s a waste of time.
Some even say he doesn’t exist.

But I know
that Mario can triumph over all evil,
so I give him the absolute devotion
of a true disciple,
I believe that one day I will play
the perfect game of Super Mario
and burst through to the final level
where Mario will go on for ever.

No longer will I gaze on Mario
as in a computer screen, darkly,
but then face to face.

I shall inherit eternal life
and will sit with my headphones and goggles on
at Mario’s right hand
when he comes into his kingdom.

I want to live in Marioland for ever.
You’re welcome to the real world.

Written for the event Welcome to the Real World at St John's, West Ealing.

Godfrey Rust 1993, godfrey@wordsout.co.uk. See here for permissions.