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A prayer

Dear Lord, Heavenly Father,

I’m not passive.

I’m not indifferent or lacking feeling, I do care.

In dark moments I am stressed with anxiety and fear.

I’m saddened by the world around me with its shallow 

I’m saddened by the 9/11 tragedy, knowing that ‘the industrial military complex’ would take full advantage, older men sending younger men to die needlessly.

I’m saddened by ‘the bail out the banks’, fearful that the previous Wall Street crash created a world depression that was a spawning ground for the Nazis.

I am frightened that we have not learnt from history and the same scenario might be revisited.

I pray to you Lord for a more hopeful world where there is more love and less strife.

I pray that our small and humble work at Café Church can do some lasting good.

I pray for the work of Café Church and the mission of St John’s in West Ealing.

I am genuinely inspired by the thought that on a Sunday we send our humble donations to a family in Thailand with their little girl called Daranee, and her two sisters and brother, to help them thrive and flourish, sending Daranee to school to get an education.

I hope she gets “can do” teachers, not like mine with their “can’t do, could do better” approach.

I pray that you are listening Lord to our hopes and fears and anxieties, helping us to sow, with your help, the seeds of love, hope and renewal here in Café Church and in West Ealing.


Written for Cafe Church at St John's, West Ealing.

© Patrick Joe Kelly, all rights reserved. Contact Joe at art21crpd@gmail.com.