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Princess Linda

Famous at Café Church for her triumphant 

proving she was dainty on her feet—
Big Linda, lovely Linda, truly a lady,
passed away unexpectedly in Ealing hospital
in April 2012, just as spring was coming 
     round outside. 

How shall we remember her?
Older—but not yet old—
she was eccentric, humorous,
friendly, well liked and nice to know,
vulnerable, feminine and misunderstood.

She wore colourful clothes and beaded jewellery
and she spoke with a mild Irish brogue.

We did the Alpha course together.

She enjoyed her food and suffered from diabetes.

She lived within her means
in Chiswick in an upstairs flat
where the stair was very slippery.
She was friendly and befriended others,
occasionally putting them up.

She was gracious and not embittered about 
     life’s difficulties.
She had a joy for life,
accepting what it dealt her. She will be missed
by her friends and those she knew. 

Sometimes she took the microphone
and led Café Church to sing
Be still, for the presence of the Lord
Is moving in this place.’

She wasn’t quite in tune but no one cared,
because the Lord was moving in this place.

Now she has gone to his place,
to meet friends that has gone before,
in her new home, in heaven, made ready by 
     our saviour Jesus.

A collaborative tribute to Linda Delmore by Joe Kelly, George Wilinski and Godfrey Rust.