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Café C

Is there a better place?
It’s unique.
So the people tell me
and this is what they say:
“It’s special, there is a miracle in Café C.”
“It feels really family, an all-inclusive place that
     people feel part of.”
“The people are friendly and supporting.”
“It’s a safe place, a place to grow, a place to 
     be yourself.”
“A place to feel accepted, that’s so important, 
     people open up.”
“It’s like visiting the GP and checking out your 
     spiritual health.”
“It’s good to hear the bible read and explore 
     how to live our lives.”
“The worship songs are beautiful; it feels good 
     to sing along.”
“We have a chance to speak in groups and
     explore ideas.”
“Sometimes you see people are worse off 
     than you.”
“So thank God we can help each other.”
“Step-by-step people begin to believe.”
“It’s a very powerful special place.”
“So what say you….?”

Written for Cafe Church at St John's, West Ealing.

© Patrick Joe Kelly, all rights reserved. Contact at art21crpd@gmail.com.