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Everyday poet

I’m yours truly—an everyday poet,
a poet of the every day.
Your brother, your friend.
I'm not a blind faith believer
so I’m checking out every word
and taking a leap of faith.
I’m celebrating you and me.
I’m a friend of Jesus, lover of kind hearts,
a person at the grassroots living everyday.
Yes—I’ve been there too!
And don’t I know it.
I love the sunshine and the rain.
Happy when I’m respected and not spoken 
     down to.
Value my friends and family.
I love Café Church.
I believe in a God of Hope who is slow to anger,
full of mercy—who is saving a place for
you and me in the next life.

© Patrick Joe Kelly 2013, all rights reserved. Contact Joe at art21crpd@gmail.com.