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You cried for him on the kitchen floor,

he was no good.

You were our princess, our love,

above rubies yet born

of common metal,

the jazz singer with modern soul.

You wouldn’t go to rehab.

I followed in your footsteps

to where the grass is greener,

far out and far beyond.

You have made our journey richer

loving your music, every phrase

sharing your heart and soul.

Love you, Amy Winehouse,

shades of Lady sings the blues,

far apart and side by side.

Our hearts are heavy.

Your music remains.

Rest in peace.

Written by Joe Kelly in response to a painting at the BEAT (Borough of Ealing Art Trail) exhibit at St John's Church, Ealing in September 2019.

The painting is entitled Amy, by the artist and Kim McLaughlin. Another poem in response to this painting was also written by Godfrey Rust.

Poem Patrick Joe Kelly, all rights reserved. Contact Joe at art21crpd@gmail.com.

Borough of Ealing Art Trail