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Poems for BEAT

For three years each September between 2017 and 2019, St John's Church, West Ealing has hosted an exhibition as part of BEAT, the Borough of Ealing Art Trail which has dozens of venues throughout the area. Artists Kim McLaughlin and Lynn Martinez, members of St John's at the time, were the prime movers in bringing the art together.

Each year several poets from St John's Cafe Church community wrote poems in response to some of the paintings. The poems were displayed alongside the paintings and on the opening evening of BEAT (which happens across two consecutive weekends) there was a "Poetry meets Art" reception at St John's in which the poets read their works in situ and the artists had the opportunity to respond. It has proved a delightful meeting of creative minds.  

The paintings which have been written about are listed below, in alphabetical order by the artist's surname. The poets are indicated by their initials (click on the initials to go to the poem). Some paintings have two or three poems written about them. Once you are on any page you can click backwards and forwards through the sequence using the < Poems for BEAT > links at the top of the page.

BEAT didn't happen in 2020 because of the covid pandemic, and since it restarted St John's has not been a venue as Kim moved away from Ealing.

LB - Linda Bery, CJ - Charles Jobson, JK - Joe Kelly, SP - Steve Page, GR - Godfrey Rust.

Introduction - from Poetry to Art (GR)

     (showing Hope in my eyes by Kim McLaughlin)

Peta-Jill Ballenden

          In blue (SP) 

Penny Brewer

     The calm before the storm (CJ) 

Virginia Bruno

     Summer window (CJ) (SP) (GR)

     Untitled (CJ)

     Untitled (SP)

Debra Collis

          Mountain view when walking (CJ)
          2nd urban landscape (SP)
          View from a train (SP)
     Claire Corbett

          Richmond Bridge at twilight (GR) (CJ)
     Lee Croxford

          Before (CJ)
          Silver morning (in Madrid) (GR)
     Paola Fratticci
          Calm water after the storm (CJ)
          If this wall could talk (SP)
          Silent conversation (SP)
          Sunflowers (CJ)
          The orange summer dress (SP) (LB)
          The wounded woman (SP)
          The wounded man (SP)
     Alicia Kotlarz
          Balloon man (GR)
          It takes two to serenade (SP)
          Japanese street (SP)
          Untitled (CJ)
     Lynn Martinez
          Fish (CJ)
     Kim McLaughlin
          Amy (JK) (GR)
          BPD - a triptych (GR) (JK) (GR)
          Hope in my eyes (see Introduction)
          Sensitivity, Suspended (JK)
          Sheep (CJ) (SP)
     Andrew McLeay
          Maybe (GR)
     Kumiko Masterton
          L'isle sur la Sorgue (CJ)
     Barbara Jane Schofield
          Lightening skies (SP)
          Woodland walk (CJ)
     Flower Art 
(GR) (GR)