wordsout by godfrey rust
September 11, 2001  < 5 of 7 >


Now that I have your attention
I would like to say a few words.

What else would make you concentrate
for more than fifteen minutes?

I have been steeped in injustice
for a thousand years: there is purity

in hatred distilled so long. I drink it in
like alcohol. My Islam had thirsted

until you came here for your precious oil
and made these dry bones live. You have spent

so much creating me. Like Frankenstein
you had imagined I might serve

your purposes: you found the raw material
and put the parts together like a bomb.

I have studied you carefully.
You have much confidence in your devices.

I trust in Allah. We will see
which of us has invested the most wisely.

I do not have much left to do: a threat,
a message on videocassette. You provide

your media to complete my task, herding
the army of submitted ones to me.

Find me, if you can. Blow me away
and my seeds will make a thousand more of me.

I was the wind you sowed.
Now I am the whirlwind you will reap.

Godfrey Rust 2001, godfrey@wordsout.co.uk. See here for permissions.