wordsout by godfrey rust
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Lay down my angry heart

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We may break the logjam of anger or frustration by forgiveness.

Written for Café Church at St John’s, West Ealing.

Since I was a little child 
if someone crossed me I was wild—
day by day it became my way,
I grew with a selfish heart,
became a man with an angry heart

and if you know me now I’m as nice as pie
till you cut me up then the sparks will fly
or I’ll cut you dead for what you said
when I speak from my selfish heart,
or keep my silence with my angry heart.

I've got to lay down my angry heart—
it fires me up, tears me apart.
Got no place for saving grace—
stand down my selfish heart,
lay down my angry heart.

Angry heart is a long hard ride,
it rules with fear, it swells with pride—
open the gate to a world of hate
when you speak from your selfish heart,
or keep your silence with your angry heart.

Anger grows, it never ends—
hurt your loved ones, you lose your friends—
what a sad surprise to realise
I’m a slave to my selfish heart,
in prison with this angry heart.

I've got to lay down my angry heart...

Jesus said There’s another way
to bring your soul to the light of day—
forgive if you want to live,
have my spirit in your selfish heart,
bring peace to your angry heart.

And Jesus when it came to your time to die
the angry crowd shouted Crucify!
you said My work is done, forgive each one
you died with your breaking heart,
and you rose with your loving heart.

I'm gonna lay down my angry heart....

Lay down my angry heart—
it fires me up, tears me apart.
Got no place for saving grace,
rise up my forgiving heart,
rise up my forgiving heart.


Words and music by Godfrey Rust


Godfrey Rust lead and backing vocals, acoustic guitar

Adam Rust keyboards, synth bass, drum programming,

     backing vocals

Emma O'Gorman backing vocals

Steve "Wah Wah" Weeks electric guitar

David Fitzgerald saxophones

Claire Dovey, Hannah Copeland violins

Leo Nixon 11-week ante-natal heartbeart


Recorded by Adam Rust and Godfrey Rust

Produced and engineered Adam Rust

Co-produced by Godfrey Rust

Mixed by Enoch John

Mastered by Denis Blackham