wordsout by godfrey rust

Stop Looking at Me

Riots by Reebok, blood by Benetton

The young today
have one parent,
two pairs of trainers
and a three-second attention span.

Sorry, did you miss that?

The young are consumers
of sex, television and hamburgers,
sometimes, for convenience,
all at the same time.

They think the world
owes them a living. 
it is seriously overdrawn.

The young don't know they're born. 
So they keep fighting to get out.

The young have got it made. 
So all they can do now
is take it to pieces again.

Don't be afraid of them. 
They're only living
up to the expectations
in which they were raised.

The young today
have the world at their feet,
so they kick its brains out
in fits of designer rage,

missing parts easily replaced
at any branch of Body Shop.

Godfrey Rust 1992, godfrey@wordsout.co.uk. See here for permissions.