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What little I know of scientific method
tells me a theory is no use that only fits 

ninety-five per cent of the results—
it's in the last five that that the truth lies, 

on the margins of experience
our gospel is defined. In the Gadarene tombs 

Christ and the madman have finished their business
and while we, clothed and in our right minds 

consider what it means for us here and now
he has given us the slip, crossing 

the dark, storm-bothered waters of Gennesaret
to 42nd Street and Auschwitz: the pimps, drunks, addicts, 

psychotics, murderers and those whom they destroy,
these will be redeemed, or nobody at all.

Gadarene tombs cf Mark 5 for the story of the demon-possessed man.

Gennesaret The Sea of Galilee.

42nd Street At the time of writing, one of New York’s red light areas.

Auschwitz The most notorious Nazi World War II concentration camp.