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The Jews I think say there are
three meanings for anything in the Torah—

the plain sense, the prophetic
and the hidden, real significance—well, it's true

that Matthew's use of Scripture wouldn't last
five minutes in a sound Evangelical school!

In this debate at least, Andrew,
it's time that we put down this mongrel reason,

born out of Aristotle and Descartes,
cross-bred with Darwin, Freud and Jung—

slipping the leash of faith it has turned wild,
this pit-bull logic, with the jaws

of its reductio ad absurdum locked
on anything that might get in its way.

Matthew’s use of Scripture. eg Matthew 1:22-23 or 2:18, where Old Testament prophetic passages which had a contemporary purpose are applied by Matthew to the life of Jesus.

reductio ad absurdum “Reduce to the absurd”, a primary tool of Aristotelian logic for exposing the fallacy of an assumption by showing that when it is taken to its logical conclusion it proves its opposite.