wordsout by Godfrey Rust 

Double Chain

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Kingdom poets
collected and reviewed by Canadian poet Don S Martin.
"The Kingdom Poets blog is a resource of poets of the Christian faith, regardless of background; there is no attempt made to assess orthodoxy, but simply to present poets who speak profoundly of faith in God." 

Peculiar Poetry
"Peculiar Poetry is a collection of short funny poems for teenagers and adults by contemporary English poets Patrick Winstanley, Paul Curtis and Max Scratchmann. The poems have been variously described as 'really very funny, and very nearly poems', 'symptomatic of a deeply disturbed mind' and 'laughable'."

Ship of Fools
The magazine of Christian unrest, captained by Simon Jenkins.

naked pastor
David Hayward, grafitti artist on the walls of religion.

Martin Wroe
Priest, poet and commentator in north London.

Edgy inspirational resources.

The Hymns and Carols of Christmas
More than 3600 of them lovingly collected and commented by Doug Anderson.

Ashley Danyew
Excellent resource for Christmas and other church music planning.