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Abigail Brown

Paddington's payback

for Abigail Brown's fundraiser, June 2012

Many years ago

(or so the story goes)

a small bear came here from Peru.

It took up residence in London

with Mr and Mrs Brown

and their two older children.

They named it Paddington.

For years it caused them much disturbance

with accidents and untoward events,  

giving hard stares to neighbours and local tradesmen

and staining everything liberally with marmalade.


Now it’s time to pay Peru back.

Mr and Mrs Brown

have carefully prepared another child.

They named her Abigail, and she will make

Paddington’s long journey in reverse.

It is not known what in what railway station she may be found

or what the chances are that she will yet discover

Paddington’s alleged aunt Lucy in her alleged home

for retired bears in Lima,

but for this plan to be successfully concluded

your help is called upon, and here to tell you of it all

figuratively speaking I now tie

around her neck a luggage label

emblazoned with the words

Please look after this Abigail…

                                                                                              Read at Abigail's fundraiser for her trip to Peru, at St Johns, West Ealing, June 16 2012.