wordsout by godfrey rust
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The numbers game

for Tom Corbett, on his birthday shortly after breaking 3 hours 
for the marathon.

The race completed, time for fun
and no long tiresome training run—
after tonight the only sore bit
will be the head of Thomas Corbett.

When a birthday passes by
time whispers its deceitful lie,
that life's a numbers game we play

our value's in our age or pay,

but things that really will be treasured
don't lend themselves to being measured:
love, courage, friendship, honesty,
caring and creativity.

The picture's always been much bigger
you're worth far more than any figure,
so don't be fooled by numbers' tricks
(except, of course, 2:56).

On a card for Tom's birthday party at an Ealing pub, May 31 2013. Tom (left in picture) became the second Eagle (after Jose Pabon, centre) to break the three-hour marathon barrier when he ran 2:56 in Edinbugh shortly before.