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Poems and readings for Holy Week

Palm Sunday

Ride on

   Don't stop: thinking about tomorrow...

Maundy Thursday

First lesson

   "Peter at the cock-crow, Jonah in his fish..."

Judas calls Room Service

   "I take salvation over-easy..."

Good Friday


   From Pontius Pilate's press spokesperson


   "Between time and eternity nothing was fixed."


   A balanced account

Notes for a biography

   A synopsis of Jesus' badly misjudged life


   God talks to themselves

Welcome to the real world

   Beginning to understand

words from the cross

   Seven poems introducing the seven last sayings of Christ








Holy Saturday

The idol

   Eternal tension

Has anybody here seen Thomas?

   Isolation at the dead centre

Easter Sunday


   "And if you ask me what a Christian is..."

Breaking the chains

    It's you who's holding them together 

These Easter poems may be used in services or other events to tell the whole Holy Week story, on specific days or in different combinations (typically with music, images, bible readings and/or drama).

The sequence words from the cross can be used as the basis for a one- or three-hour Good Friday meditation. An example of a complete service is shown here.