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Look Out!

Notes for a biography

When Jesus went to Bethlehem
I must say it was odd—
I wouldn't have been born that way
if I was being God. 

When Jesus went to Nazareth
he spent twenty years in trade—
that's hardly a career
in which Messiahs will be made.

When Jesus picked his followers
a practiced eye could tell
he was plainly inexperienced
at hiring personnel.

When Jesus wandered Palestine
it was awfully hit and miss—
you'll never reach your customers
with marketing like this.

When Jesus worked a miracle
you don't need a degree
to know that healing on the sabbath
will annoy a Pharisee.

When he went to Jerusalem
he rode there on an ass—
such a PR opportunity
and Jesus let it pass.

When he went to Gethsemane
the game was not yet up—
there was time for him and Judas
to kiss and make it up.

When Jesus stood in Pilate's house
he didn't realise
that politics is all about
the art of compromise. 

When Jesus went to Calvary
that's the ending of the story —
one more tragic hero,
death instead of glory.

He must have been mad—that's the
only way I understand it.
When Jesus went to Calvary
you'd almost think he'd planned it.

Godfrey Rust 1989, godfrey@wordsout.co.uk. See here for permissions.