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The Gods that are Three-in-One said
to the God that is One-in-Three
We must be parted for a time,
me from me from me;

but one of the One-in-Three said
to the Gods that are Three-in-One
What is to become of us
when all of this is done?

For a God that is man will know of things
that a God should never know
and will eat of the tree of knowledge
where the fruit of despair will grow.

Then the God that is the Father said
to the God that is the Son
You know I am with you always
for you and I are One

but the God that is man must somehow know
that the God that is God may not be,
so I must hide myself enough
to disbelieve in me;

and the God that was now a dying man
cried out all-knowingly
my God my God my God
why have I forsaken me?

Godfrey Rust 2003, godfrey@wordsout.co.uk. See here for permissions.