wordsout by godfrey rust
Poems by others

Poems I'd like to have written

Romanesque Arches (by Tomas Tranströmer)

The Ikons (by James K Baxter)

Let it go (by William Empson)

Geriatric (by R S Thomas)

Criminal tendencies (by Mike Bartholomew-Biggs)

Return (by R S Thomas)

Soldier's Dream (by Wilfred Owen)

Meditation 1 (by Edward Taylor)

Merlin Enthralled (by Richard Wilbur)

I have avoided very well-known poems which I admire which are already widely published. The poems here are mostly still in copyright and are re-published from elsewhere without permission from the rights holders. Publication here is not for profit but simply out of appreciation and I will of course remove any poem or add an appropriate copyright notice or link if asked.

Godfrey Rust