wordsout by godfrey rust
Occasions & Nonsense

Words for family

An Anglo-American Dream 

     (for Joel Rust and Laura Fontanills, 2014)

Homage au professor (poems for Colin Duckworth)

     The professor at work (1986)

     The Flying Professor (1992)

     The professor meets his match (1994)

     The professor departed (1994)

     The Naming of Professors (1995)

     The professor gets plastered (2001)

     The professor at eighty (2006)

     Waiting for the professor (2012)

Questions (for John Duckworth, 2011)

Body count (for Graham Rust, 2011)

And can it be (for the Rev Tessa Rust, 2011)

Remembrance (for Michael Adams, 2009)

My life with Tom Lehrer (2003)

I never shall go back (1999)

Dark Rider collects the newspaper 

     (for Joel Rust, 1999)

The Ballad of John and Anne Duck

     (for John and Anne Duckworth, 1995)

Hope Cove Diary (1995)

From where she lies (for Joan Begg, 1994)

Nursery haiku (for Adam Rust, 1996)

At Mawgan Porth (for Emma and Joel Rust, 1993)

Dear son (for Adam Rust, 1993)

The counselled husband calypso (for Tessa Rust, 1988)

Told you so (for Emma Rust, 1986)

The Devil's Tinderbox (for Bob Rust, 1985)

Forget-me-nots (for Bob Rust, 1973)