wordsout by godfrey rust
Occasions & Nonsense

Words for St John's

Occasional pieces for members of congregations
of St John's, West Ealing

Carol (for Carol Vigurs, 2018)

Command performance (for Enid Neblett, 2017)

Liz's walk (for Liz Reynolds, 2014)

The Phantom of Tom Callister (Let him go) (2014)

Daffed (for Daphne Edwards, 2014)

Big Man Steve (for Steve Taylor, 2013)

Thoroughly Modern Sally 

     (for the Rev Sally Hitchiner, 2012)

And can it be (for the Rev Tessa Rust, 2011/2014)

All the stops (for Margaret Creasy, 2011)

Gary (The fastest hoover in the West) 

     (for Gary Fenton, 2011)

Sarah's Farewell Songs (for Sarah Hobbs, 2008)

Welcome Reverend Pete (for Peter Mackenzie, 2008)

Ode to Joy (for Joy Atkins, 2007)

Where there's a Will (for Will Donaldson, 2007)

He still hasn't found the sound-desk key 

     (for Mark Parsons, 2007)

Homage to Bonnie Scotland (for Burns' Night, 2007)

Mary Lazarus' Birthday Calypso (2006)

Lines written in honour of John and Deborah 

     Chapman (2005)

The wonderful thing about Bavvers 

     (for John Bavington, 2002)

Line written in praise of Ellen Breton (2001)

A shilling a day (for Mollie Clay, 2001)

Joan's Birthday Picnic (for Joan Hills, 2001)

The lament of the Parish Weekend Administrator

     (for Mark Rand, 2000)

Lines written in praise of Michael and Kate Coulson (1999)

Parish Weekend Limericks (1999)

Maureen (for Maureen Toley (1999)

The Sound of Dallow (for Gill Dallow, 1998)

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury (for Mark  Bratton, 1998)

Lines written in praise of Donald W. McRobbie (1998)

The Secret Diary of Ian Fishwick, Aged 43 3/4 (1998)

Men of Ealing (for Gill Dallow, 1997)

St Mellitus' Dance (for John Hereward,1995)

Five candles (for Graham and Karen Taylor-Burge, 1993)

Carina takes it all 

     (for John and Carina Persson, 1992) with video
Stanley Dakin's Broken Hearts Club Band

     (for Stan and Judith Dakin, 1992) with video

Sounds of Stanley (for Stan Dakin and others, circa 1990)

Anyone who stayed around long enough at St John's during my time there is likely to have found themselves the subject of some piece of eulogy or nonsense, typically to mark their departure or some significant anniversary.

Collaboration with various actors and musicians has created some memorable events, and pre-digital videocassettes of two of these (Beatles and Abba spoofs) have survived. I regret there was no recording of The Sound Of Dallow, in which Jo Whitfield played the Rev Gill Dallow as Julie Andrews to perfection, but the script and lyrics at least are included here.

Most of these pieces are made public with the agreement of their subjects, but I am happy to remove any which anyone feels causes undue embarassment. Equally, some are missing due to the inadequacies of my record-keeping (the originals were given to the subjects) so if anyone possesses a copy of something absent, please send to posterity c/o me.